Offsite manufacturing workforce forecast

The project aims to forecast the size of the workforce required with offsite manufacturing skills, by quarter, by region, across the next 5-10 years. 

The issue:

Due to the continuously evolving nature of technology, the educational requirement to train the workforce continuously evolves too. The industry requires the ability to identify when the workforce requires technology-specific training, how large that trained workforce needs to be, and what technologies need to be trained. 

Intended outcomes:

  • Define and characterise offsite manufacturing occupations. 

  • Model the supply and demand for offsite manufacturing labour. 

  • Forecast the size of the workforce required of offsite manufacturing occupations, by quarter, by region, across the next 5-10 years. This forecast will be made available through the Workforce Information Platform website ( 

The steps

Step 1 >
Develop a list of occupations that are directly and indirectly involved in offsite manufacturing. This will be developed with consultation from the Industry Assocation – Offsite NZ. 

Step 2 >
Develop a model for the supply of offsite manufacturing labour by extensively researching the existing workforce. This work will also be done in consultation from Offsite NZ. 

Step 3 >
Develop a model for the demand for offsite manufacturing labour by using project pipeline datasets currently being used for existing Workforce Information Platform forecasts. 

Step 4 >
Ceate a forecast incorporating Steps 1-3 above and integrate this into the Workforce Information Platform website ( 

Project status and expected delivery date: 31 May 2023

Contract Research Organisation: Scarlatti

Portfolio Manager:

Mani Saini
Contact Mani at