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An independent analysis evaluating the supply of and demand for the offsite manufacturing workforce

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Offsite manufacturing workforce forecast dashboard 

Prefabricating construction elements (e.g. wooden panels, volumetrics, and transportable homes) offsite is a prime opportunity to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of New Zealand’s construction sector.

The proportion of total construction builds sourcing one or more prefabricated elements from offsite businesses has increased from 3% to 9% between 2014 and 2021. This share is expected to accelerate in the coming years partially driven by the commitment of government and industry organisations to increase their utilisation of offsite manufacturing to address housing shortages and a competitive labour market.

This dashboard presents the results of a foundational study undertaken in partnership with the ConCoVE, Offsite NZ and Scarlatti to characterise the current supply and demand of the workforce constructing prefabricated products offsite, and what the anticipated industry growth means for workforce demand. The dashboard is split into four sections:​

  1. Workforce supply. An estimate of the current supply of the prefabrication workforce split by occupation, region, and product.​
  2. Workforce demand. An evaluation of the current demand for the prefabrication workforce by occupation, region, and product, as well as how future workforce demand is expected to change as the market share increases and technology is adopted.
  3. Methodology. A discussion on the approach taken to model the supply of and demand for the prefabrication workforce.
  4. Make this analysis better! Our modelling of supply and demand estimates relies heavily on a series of assumptions. We would like to invite industry stakeholders and business owners to follow three steps and provide feedback on the assumptions we have used to model FTE requirements for a business like theirs.

This study has been completed using a phased approach starting with a focus on prefabricated products (e.g. wooden panels, volumetrics and transportable homes) for residential and commercial buildings. This scope will be extended over the coming 12 months to include other products manufactured offsite (e.g. frame and truss, precast concrete, joinery) and for more building types.

Dashboard link here