Degree-level apprenticeship systems gap analysis

The project aims to conduct a systems gap analysis to understand what changes may be required to enable degree-level apprenticeships as a delivery mechanism for VET.

The issue:

There are very few degree level apprenticeships in New Zealand compared with how other countries utilise the delivery solution. The benefits of such a mechanism have been researched and clearly articulated overseas, however they have not been fully leveraged within the New Zealand tertiary education space.

Intended outcomes:

  • Desktop research of the model overseas and the systems gap analysis of what is holding this problem in place.
  • Systems recommendations to enable the easy set-up, funding, and delivery of degree-level apprenticeships for a better range of delivery solutions..

The steps

Step 1 >
Desktop analysis of current situation; future state; gap description

Step 2 >
Disseminate recommendations to key agencies who can influence their implementation

Project status and expected delivery date: 31 September 2023

Lead Organisation: ConCOVE

Collaborator: Peter Scanlan

Peter has been working in tertiary education since 1992. He has worked in the ITP sector, ITO sector, private training establishments and TEC in addition to a 4-year stint in the Middle East in vocational education and is now at the Post Primary Teachers’ Association. He has also worked as an education consultant including writing papers for Ako Aotearoa and TEC on pathways to engineering education (E2E) and success factors for Pasifika students in vocational education. Peter was chair of the SPELD NZ Board and has an interest in neurodiverse student success. He brings to this project a wealth of knowledge in vocational education and training. He is a keen mountain biker, part time DJ and amateur photographer.

ConCOVE Portfolio Manager:

Eve Price
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