Temporary traffic management credentials framework

To gather comprehensive, evidence-based insights from international and national frameworks, models, and literature on Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) and other vocational training systems, which will inform the development of an improved TTM Credentials Framework.

The issue:

The long-standing Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management is replaced by the New Zealand Guide to Temporary Traffic Management (NZGTTM). The NZGTTM does not include a training system, enabling the industry to develop a training and competency framework that addresses the unique needs of the TTM sector and its diverse workforce, particularly Māori, Pasifika, and Women. 

Intended outcomes:

Strategic Objectives Achieved: 

  • A comprehensive understanding of international and national best practices in TTM and other vocational training systems. 
  • Identify effective strategies, structures, and components that can be adapted to the New Zealand context, focusing on priority groups such as Māori, Pasifika, and women. 
  • Establishment of a solid knowledge base for the TTM Credentials Framework Governance Group, guiding the development of the future TTM Credentials Framework in relation to the priority groups. 
  • Alignment with the Statement of National Education and Learning Priorities (NELP) & Tertiary Education Strategy (TES) Objective 4, the “Future of Learning and Work”. 

Significant Differences Experienced by the User Community: 

  • Access to a well-researched and evidence-based foundation for developing the TTM Credentials Framework, leading to improved training, competency, and safety outcomes for the industry. 
  • Informed decision-making in developing the TTM Credentials Framework, ensuring it caters to the needs of priority groups such as Māori, Pasifika, and women. 
  • Enhanced industry collaboration through the involvement of industry organisations in the research project and the subsequent development of the TTM Credentials Framework. 

The steps

Step 1 >
Literature review

Step 2 >
Engagement – interviews and focus groups with stakeholders

Step 3 >
Final report 

Project status and expected delivery date: October 2023

Contract Research Organisation: Beca Ltd

Portfolio Manager:

Nina Herriman
Contact Nina at nina.herriman@manukau.ac.nz