Environmental competency training

The project aims to ascertain the specific skills required for various roles within the industry in order to meet the government’s environmental goals.

The issue:

In order to best prepare our industries for the new compliance and best practice requirements needed to ensure the industry can deliver on the Government’s environmental outcomes, it is important to understand what is needed, by which groups, and how to deliver it. 

Intended outcomes:

  • Outline the knowledge and skills required by the various sectors in the construction and infrastructure industry,  
  • Map the current delivery and identify potential gaps,  
  • Create a matrix/framework of competencies to be used as a consistent set of competencies for businesses and individuals and to serve as a portable credential similar to Site Safe which is relevant, consistent and meaningful to all in the industry.  
  • It will also scope the concept of an outcome monitoring framework.  

The steps

Step 1 >
Landscape scan of current and upcoming environmental legislation

Step 2 >
Develop a framework of skills and knowledge required by different roles within the industry

Step 3>

Landscape scan of current delivery in this space to identify potential gaps

Project status and expected delivery date (Phase 1): 31 August 2023

Lead Organisation: ConCOVE

Collaborator: Clare Feeney, Kiwi Rail

Clare is an environmental expert with a varied background in resource management. She has a particular interest in environmental training, and the 2nd edition of her book, How to Change the World: a practical guide to successful environmental training, was published in the UK by Gosbrook Professional Publishing in late 2019. Clare has moved on from delivering environmental training herself, to supporting environmental experts to develop, deliver and evaluate the outcomes of the great training only they can do.

ConCOVE Portfolio Manager:

Eve Price
Contact Eve at eve.price@manukau.ac.nz