Nick Clayton

Board Member

Originally from a trade background, Nick has significant experience in managing a variety of different construction projects and delivery models.  Nick has managed the Naylor Love Wellington team since 2005 and demonstrates professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm in all aspects of his role.  He epitomises the Naylor Love approach: taking immense personal pride in every project which he and his team are involved in.

Over Nick’s three decades in commercial construction, the industry has gone through various cycles where skills shortages have had a major impact on the industry in terms of productivity and innovation.

Starting at Naylor Love as a carpentry apprentice and working through the business to his current role as one of Naylor Love Group’s business owners and Wellington Director, Nick is acutely aware of the challenges the construction industry faces.
He is a big believer in the benefits provided by vocational learning and knows first-hand the opportunities that come if the transition from the education sector to industry works well.