Mani Saini

Portfolio Manager

I’ve spent more than seven years working as a Professional Engineer in the Construction and Infrastructure realm of the Healthcare sector. Having led and worked across many complex projects in live environments, being able to use emerging technologies to solve challenging problems was a rewarding experience.

I bring a true passion for technology, with personal experience from 3D printing and programming automation solutions, to augmented reality BIM solutions and using mobile apps to modernise health a safety on construction sites.

New technologies are being introduced to the construction and infrastructure sectors at an exponential pace. Having personally seen the immense benefits that technology brings to the sector, I am incredibly driven to see us get ahead and be prepared to both adopt it, and adapt to it. Being the Project Lead for Disruption is representative of my love for all things tech – I started young by learning to code C++ at 13 years old, later completing my Mechanical Engineering degree, while building 3D printers as a hobby on the side. Working as an Engineer running construction and infrastructure projects, the disruptive effect of new tech is a concern I became all too familiar with.

Learning and innovation go hand in hand. I look forward to helping drive the industry to seamlessly embrace new technology rather than see it as a disruption.