Eve Price

Portfolio Manager

I have been a migrant my whole life, and grew up bilingual and bicultural. This has shaped my world view and life experiences, leading to a strong focus on diversity and inclusion.

I have worked in adult education my whole career, both overseas and in New Zealand. From ESOL, to settlement, and most recently vocational education and training, I have taken the key themes of developing people, growing participation, and reducing barriers to my role at ConCOVE. With first-hand experience in both teaching and delivery, and qualification and standard development, I have a broad and deep understanding of the needs and solutions available to help industry and individuals.

The excitement for me comes from the uncharted and new space that ConCOVE occupies, and as a change maker I am delighted to be enabled to be bold and creative in the projects I will work on. If I can be of any help in your conversations, please reach out for a chat to see what we can unlock and achieve together.

Contact Eve at – eve.price@manukau.ac.nz