ConCOVE Project Fund

The ConCOVE Project Fund

In October 2022 ConCOVE Tūhura launched a new contestable Project Fund to enable the wider sectors to submit concepts and ideas for research projects that deliver to ConCOVE’s vision and mission statement.

In addition to the ConCOVE delivered projects, adopting a contestable funding model allows us to assess potential external projects.

Five of the ConCOVE’s original projects have been reimagined as Strategic Themes, supporting innovation, excellence and the original intent of the ConCOVE. To be progressed with ConCOVE Project Fund, the proposed projects must meet ConCOVE’s Strategic Alignment Test, delivering outcomes that connect:

  • Key Drivers of Productivity and Culture
  • Strategic Themes of Entry, Career Progressions, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Sustainability, Innovation and Disruptive Technology
  • Priority groups of Māori, Pasifika, and Women

ConCOVE is also scoping projects across all five Strategic Theme areas. When fully scoped, these projects will be published on ConCOVE’s website.

Why this approach?

ConCOVE’s vision and mission statement support innovation and excellence in vocational education and training within the construction and infrastructure sectors. Innovation and excellence require an understanding of best practices through a variety of forms. Uncovering best practices might include applied research, collaborative design approaches, understanding and strengthening links between education providers and industries within the sector.

By introducing a Project Fund, we can invest in broader opportunities to support key concepts of reimagining, connecting, and aligning through practical research projects that both assess the long-term needs of the industry and how to address these with quality vocational education and training.


In mid 2022 ConCOVE formed a Portfolio Management Office (PMO) to deliver its broader programme of work, and its vision and mission statement. The PMO team assesses project concepts as they are submitted and supports the development of projects.

Advisory Groups’ role

The three ConCOVE Advisory Groups (Māori, Pasifika, Women) each have a role to play in advising on the programme of work and projects. The Advisory Groups review projects for their ability to contribute to better outcomes for priority groups. The Advisory Groups are consulted early, and at specific steps through the evaluation process.

How does it work?

Project ideas (concepts) are submitted via the ConCOVE website. The PMO will contact applicants and work to understand the project and advise on how best to develop the project into a Project Definition (for larger projects) or a Business Case / Project Plan.

Who can apply, and why?

Anyone with a concept or issue relating to construction and infrastructure that may be improved through research funding for the delivery of a vocational education solution. To help we have created some guideline definitions.