Career Progression


Improving Productivity through Retention, Upskilling and Reskilling

Project Description
Develop strategies to improve the Progression, Transition, Upskilling and Reskilling of people in the workforce to provide flexibility, uphold and protect mana, and improve resilience. This will greatly improve retention of skilled workers and lift productivity across the industry.

Benefit to Construction and Infrastructure sector
A reliable end-to-end career support service (Career framework) linked with training that is appropriate to the career stage and learner, along with mentoring and networking, will greatly improve workforce productivity, retention, and progression.

Some of the Career Progression Project will be fast, flexible, and scalable.  There is an urgent need for up-skilling and reskilling which means we need to deliver an employer-friendly solution building on existing components that work well.

Flexibility is required to recognise the impact on different sectors, the nature of the new work programmes, the areas of exposure within construction and infrastructure (including specialist or generalist skill base that has returned to the country of origin), and other elements including vocational flexibility. 

Improving productivity of the construction and infrastructure sectors through upskilling and increased workforce retention has been identified in many sector specific workforce skills development strategies.  All large individual projects have specific skill requirements which drive defined upskilling needs across the contractor workforce. The post-COVID 19 Investment in shovel-ready projects in the sector will further intensify pre-COVID 19 demand for expertise across all levels of the workforce, ensuring skilled workers are retained and actively supported in their career progression within Construction and Infrastructure.  The momentum is high, but productivity improvements are lacking.

Aligning appropriate vocational education to support upskilling, transition into the Construction and Infrastructure sectors (reskilling) and career progression are critical for the sector at this time. Matching training delivery with learner demand for learning & support when they need it, as they need it, is required.

The Career Progression Project will deliver a solution that can be extended beyond the immediate COVID-19 response to adapt to the new normal sectoral needs to retain and develop workforces. This will include the end to end career support service for the workforce, linking workers with training, networking and mentorship opportunities relevant to their career stage and aspirations. 

In this project we will get workers’ perspectives on their work and training experiences, good practices, and barriers to full productivity. We want to understand when and why people are displaced or disengaged from the workforce and develop strategies and design principles for effective training for priority groups in these industries.

In conjunction with establishing a searchable database mapping training and support, we will develop a detailed design for a national Careers Service, estimated operating budgets, projected impact of implementation on participation levels and recommendations for an appropriate long term host.

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