Manukau Institute of Technology exists to transform lives. It is a place for all people. At MIT they celebrate and draw upon their diversity. Cultural traditions, languages, beliefs, and skills are draw from many ethnic groups. People from all walks of life flourish at MIT, creating a rich tapestry of understanding, then spreading it out across the world. The relationship with students is a lifelong connection.

MIT continues to encourage research to inform teaching and to further develop a research culture by supporting staff in a variety of research activities. Emphasis is also placed on the importance of the connection of the Institute with the wider business community through research.

The results of research are presented in refereed journals and national and international academic conferences. Presentations to professional organisations, together with articles in discipline based and other general publications, ensure that knowledge resulting from research projects is accessible to a more diverse community.

The past year has seen a growth in research projects carried out in collaboration with other organisations, including practitioners in the field and other tertiary providers. These are important relationships in the development of a research culture, and it is anticipated that collaborative research, internal and external to Manukau Institute of Technology, will continue to grow.

Tech Park, opening September 2020

Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) has created a new centre of excellence for engineering and trades education in South Auckland. MIT TechPark is a purpose-built facility with the latest technology and innovations to ensure quality training for all. It will bring all the institute’s trades and engineering schools under one roof for the first time since MIT was founded almost 50 years ago and will host the Construction and Infrastructure Centre of Vocational Excellence.

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