Where is the front door? An investigation into the workforce entry points within the Construction and Infrastructure sector

The multiple entry points into the construction and infrastructure sectors will be scoped and mapped, including interventions that support entry into the sector.

The issue:

To gain the benefits of growing our own we need to understand how people enter careers in the construction industry. Careers in construction and infrastructure incorporate multiple entry points including direct from school, industry and via full-time tertiary study. The aim of this research is to understand these multiple entry points and their effectiveness to attract and retain people into careers in the construction and infrastructure sector.

Intended outcomes:

  • Infographic map of multiple entry points detailed with quantities and measures.

  • Recommendations for measurements of effectiveness.

  • Report.

The steps

Step 1 >
To scope and map the multiple workforce entry points and intervention, including engaging with stakeholders to identify interventions.

Step 2 >
To Populate the multiple entry points within the system map with quantities and measures using multiple data sources, including the IDI.

Step 3 >
Use the systems map to develop recommendations on measuring effectiveness of entry points and interventions that support those entry points.

Project status and expected delivery date: 31 July 2023

Contract research organisation: Scarlatti

Portfolio Manager:

Kylie Taffard
Contact Kylie at kylie.taffard@manukau.ac.nz