Supporting technical experts to become work-based trainers

This project will identify key capabilities and good practices that support effective work-based training. We will develop and trial tools and resources that support work-based trainers to improve their practice. 

The issue:

Ākonga in work-based learning contexts will spend roughly 70% learning on-job with a work based Kaiako/trainer and 30% off-job with a provider-based trainer. Currently there is a lack of support for work-based trainers to develop their training skills. 

Intended outcomes:

  • Identify examples of good work-based training practice.

  • Identify common needs for capability development of work-based trainers.

  • Tools and resources are developed and trialled to support work-based trainers. 

  • Recommendations and summary of findings.

The steps

Step 1 >
Recommendations and summary of findings.

Step 2 >
Develop tools for capability development.

Step 3 >
Trial ability development solutions in the workplace.

Step 4 >
The development a suite of recommendations and associated strategies.

Project status and expected delivery date: 22 March 2024

Lead organisation: RippleEd

Collaborator: We will be collaborating with seven small to large businesses in the construction and infrastructure industry 

Portfolio Manager:

Kylie Taffard
Contact Kylie at