From skilled industry practitioner to kaiako

Analysing the current kaiako training and support to identify effective practices in classroom-based tertiary education. 

The issue:

Quality teaching and leadership are important to high quality VET and requires strong teaching across the education workforce. In response to the Review of VET in New Zealand, we aim to assess the training for industry-skilled professionals becoming kaiako. This project examines support and development models to enhance teaching quality and ākonga outcomes in vocational education.  

Intended outcomes:

  • The common elements of institution-based VET kaiako quality.
  • The initial and continual development pathways for institution-based VET kaiako for the NZ construction and infrastructure and food and fibre sectors.
  • Relevant and effective development pathways for institution-based VET kaiako in the construction and infrastructure and food and fibre sectors. 

The steps

Step 1 >
Exploration of current requirements to become a kaiako in Construction and Infrastructure and Food and Fibre sectors, ensuring that graduates that are productive members of the team. 

Step 2 >
Identify and describe best practice models within training environments that results in industry

Step 3 >
Presentation of the research using a systems change approach. 

Step 4 >
A collated report with all of the above, including identification of gaps and consideration of changes to promote and disseminate good practices. 

Project status and expected delivery date: December 2023

Lead organisation: Skills Consulting

Collaborator: Food and Fibre CoVE 

Portfolio Manager:

Kylie Taffard 
Contact Kylie at