Framework for Māori in high-skill roles

Understanding skills shortages experienced by Māori firms and building a framework to support Māori into high-skill roles in the sector.  

The issue:

There is the opportunity to support more Māori into high-skill and high-earning roles in the sector, as Māori also make up a large proportion of the labouring and lower-skilled end of the workforce. In addition to earning less, these low-skilled workers have lesser job security and are most vulnerable to business cycle effects. Project also supports early research career opportunities.

Intended outcomes:

  • To identify the current industry trends in terms of what the industry urgently needs particular skills;  

  • To develop a framework for supporting more Māori into high-skill roles in the industry.

The steps

Step 1 >
Building off earlier co-designed work (2021 and 2022) conduct semi-structured interviews and surveys with NZ Māori construction firms.

Step 2 >
Develop framework to assist Māori construction firms to overcome skills challenges.

Step 3 >
Final report. 

Project status and expected delivery date: 31 Mach 2024

Contract Research Organisation: School of Built Environment, Massey University: Don Samarasinghe

Portfolio Manager:

Nina Herriman
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