Career Framework


The development of a Construction and Infrastructure Careers Framework incorporating a digital dashboard will underpin and encompass the outputs of our five projects – Disruption, Entry, Career Progression, Diversity and Sustainability.

The Career Framework will support clear career pathways for people at every stage of their career journey, and provide a productive, diverse, and resilient workforce. Further benefits from the Career Framework include attracting more people into the industry, improving skills which will enhance quality, safety, and productivity, and providing a secure future which is adaptable to technological and social disruption.

From a macro-perspective, industry is impacted by a trainee’s journey throughout their working life. Industry needs a workforce capability in every role from apprentice to trainers and coaches, team leaders, project managers, business owners and mentors. There are risks at every career stage in the lifecycle and they each require a tailored response. If industry has the ability to access performance data at every point of a career journey, tailored responses could be designed to assist individual career journey.

Through industry consultation, ConCOVE will co-design a comprehensive framework with the express aim of identifying and enabling career-long transitions. Appropriate performance measures for each action, career step and transition will be housed in a database with an interactive dashboard and web interface for easy access. The database will allow for targeted extraction using filters such as demographics, regions, industry subsectors, and job types.

Intended as a prototype, the limited set of prioritised job types followed in the ConCOVE projects would populate this database. Data collected through the ConCOVE projects will be supplemented by procuring appropriate quantitative and qualitative data sets from reliable sources such as StatsNZ and Infometrics.

The co-designed comprehensive framework becomes the Master Platform for the individual and cumulative project performance measures.

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