Advisory Groups

ConCOVE Advisory Groups

ConCOVE has established three Advisory Groups –  Māori Advisory Group, Pasifika Advisory Group, and Women’s Advisory Group. These Advisory Groups provide the General Manager and Board, ConCOVE, with advice on issues, trends, and solutions and how it will support the objectives of ConCOVE.

The roles of these Advisory Groups is (but not limited to):

  • Link with the other Advisory Groups and Construction sector industry and advisory entities to share information about the future of the Construction and Infrastructure sector;
  • Advise on initiatives to promote Māori, Pasifika and Women entering and progressing in these sectors;
  • Support the Executive Director and Board, ConCOVE, in developing strategies to deliver ConCOVE’s goals in creating a supported learning and working environment for Māori, Pasifika and Women in the Construction and Infrastructure sector.

Find out about our Advisory Groups, and meet our members: