ConCOVE stakeholder survey results 

ConCOVE stakeholder survey results 

The ConCOVE stakeholder survey (September 2022) provided ConCOVE Tūhura with a baseline engagement score and a set of indicators for future activity for the COVE.  

While the survey shows some early indicators that ConCOVE’s activities have influenced stakeholders in the construction and infrastructure sector, ConCOVE Tūhura understands that there is a long way to go yet.  

It is encouraging though that 16% of stakeholders have seen the activities they most connected with either led to changes or prompted discussions within their organisations. Another 21% suggested that the activity has prompted them to think about how it relates to their organisation.  

Training to progress employees is regarded predominantly as a priority area for ConCOVE, ranked as the area that should be strengthened by two-third of the stakeholders. There also appears to be validation of the ConCOVE’s focus on disruptive technology, where future proof the industry with disruptive technology upskilling/innovation was identified by 60% of the stakeholders as areas to strengthen. 

ConCOVE Tūhura thanks all stakeholders who have taken the time to respond to the survey. The survey results will help ConCOVE to prioritise future projects in meeting demands of the sectors. The recent release of the ConCOVE Project Fund will help to progress this work. 

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