ConCOVE Announces Women’s Advisory Group

In early March 2021, ConCOVE began the process of setting up three key advisory groups – Māori, Pasifika and Women, wanting to capture the lessons, the gaps and the solutions from all sectors of the community. 

Today, we can announce the 12 wahine toa that will make up our Women’s Advisory Group for ConCOVE.

  • Carena Parish
  • Kelly Bennett
  • Dr Troy Coyle
  • Natasha Nansen
  • Mackenzie Ashby
  • Katherine Hall
  • Theresa Rongonui
  • Kari Pearcey
  • Nicky Smith
  • Claire Johnson
  • Elizsabeth Watson
  • Kylie Tafford

The Women’s Advisory Group, along with the Māori and Pasifika Advisory Group, will ensure we are listening to and staying ahead of the concerns and ideas within the community as ConCOVE embark on five key projects designed to address significant issues in creating a talent pipeline: 

  • Disruption – preparing industries to manage disruptions to the nature of work brought about by new technologies and develop training solutions. 
  • Learning Framework – reform entry-level training to decrease the time it takes workers to become engaged in meaningful employment 
  • Retention – improve workforce productivity and retention by developing career support services including training, mentoring and networking. 
  • Diversity – provide tested strategies and models for stakeholders to grow workforce diversity, particularly in relation to Māori, Pasifika and women. 
  • Sustainability – help the industry respond to increasing demand for environmentally sustainable practices. 

General Manager of ConCOVE Bharti Kottaiya has shared her excitement for this unique opportunity to work together with this group of women from the construction and infrastructure sector.

“This is our chance to create those career pathways that provide retention and progression for women in our sector, making it an inviting, aspirational industry to be in.”

Carena Parish

Based in Christchurch, Carena is the People and Compliance Manager for Southbase Construction where she develops internal systems and focuses on internal training and development.

“I feel very privileged to be a part of a group that can add value to people’s careers,” explains Carena. “Construction and Education are two of my passions, so I’m excited about the ability to work on a project that brings them together. “

She would personally love to see increased pathways and opportunities for women to be recognised in the industry for their experience, skills and training.

Kelly Bennett

Kelly is the Principal Advisor – Women for BCITO, which is the largest provider of construction apprenticeships in New Zealand.

Dr Troy Coyle  

Based in Auckland, Dr Troy is the CEO for HERA, which serves the New Zealand metal-based industry. HERA specialises in heavy engineering R&D, consultancy, education, advocacy and verification allow us to partner with members and clients across the globe.

“I was excited when I found out I was on the Women’s Advisory Group, as this is an area that I am very passionate about,” says Dr Troy. “I am looking forward to making meaningful change to ensure that the sector is one that is both attractive to, and supportive of, women so that more women are entering vocational education as a result.”

Natasha Nansen

Natasha holds the title of both Construction Lecturer for Unitec and Project Manager, Property Strategy Investment for KiwiRail.

Mackenzie Ashby

Mackenzie has been the Training Manager for Northpower since October 2020. She is “truly excited and proud to be named in the Women’s Advisory Group.”

“I’ve been in the Electricity Supply Industry for 17 years and I absolutely love seeing young women become experts and leaders in our industry. 

She’s looking forward to working with an amazing range of female leaders in the construction and infrastructure sectors, she would also “love to raise the awareness of industry opportunities for the next generation of female leaders.”

Theresa Rongonui

Based in Auckland, Theresa is employed as Principal Consultant for The Skills Consulting Group.

The Skills Organisation is a multi-sector industry training organisation (ITO) working with 22 industries which each have New Zealand qualifications available for their employees.

Katherine Hall

Since July 2020, Katherine has worked as a Senior Workstream Advisory – Construction Sector Accord for MBIE.

“I’m excited to be a part of the Women’s Advisory Group and to be able to support the work of the ConCOVE as we look at how education can support the attraction of women to the sector, as well as, and maybe more importantly, development of all peoples working in our dynamic industry,” explains Katherine.  

Katherine is interested in the research that is happening around diversity, equity and inclusion; career pathways; innovation in education and more in construction and infrastructure.

“I am looking forward to education having a major role in activating change and getting some results from people learning how to be, act, and do better.”

Kari Pearcey

Kari runs both the Trade Association for the Flooring Industry (FloorNZ) and the PTE that provides flooring training (Allied Trades Institute). She feels as if the industry is “woefully underrepresented with women apprentices in installation.”

“It will be an interesting challenge to try and sell the installation sector of flooring to a female target audience and the other construction trades, most of whom have the same challenges.”

Kylie Tafford

Kylie is the Head of Department for Careers Whangarei Girls High School.

Claire Johnson  

As the HSQE Manager for Hunter Civil – Civil Construction and Project Management Company, Claire was thrilled to end a busy week to the news she was on the Women’s Advisory Group.

“I was lucky enough to be around my friends who could celebrate with me. I had to read it a couple of times to make sure I read it correctly. My company where I work are really happy as well to be able to support me in this role and to help women in this industry.”

She’s looking forward to meeting the other women in the advisory group. “I can’t wait to make changes for females who are working in the construction and infrastructure industry. Being an apprentice once to now being in a manager’s position, I have been able to see both sides of working in this industry.”

Elizsabeth Watson

Elizsabeth was both surprised and happy to be chosen for the group. The shareholder, Operations Manager, and roofer for Stone Roofing Limited in 2019 won the NAWIC and BCITO Tradeswoman of the Year Award. She’s very much looking forward to seeing growth for women in the industry.

Nicky Smith

Nicky is a chartered professional engineer with a passion for developing people and enhancing communities. She has over 25 years of experience in road maintenance and construction, with most of that experience in Auckland. In recent years she has held senior leadership roles in road maintenance and is currently the Business Development Manager – Maintenance for HEB

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