Tony Atina appointed Career Progression Project Lead

After eight years at the helm of NZMA Trades, Tony Atina will be joining ConCOVE as the Career Progression Project Lead.

With a background in construction, Tony says he will enjoy getting back to his roots, and see’s this a really exciting opportunity to streamline stakeholders and industry.

Tony will be bringing a strong passion for the trades industry to the role, with significant experience in this sector coupled with most recent experiences starting and leading large and diverse Trades Training Campuses (NZMA) and teams, with long standing relationships with the applicable stakeholders.

“This is what a lot of polytechnics and PTEs are all trying to do,” explains Tony. “When we collaborate with industry, a lot of feedback comes through that things should be stream lined and everyone is doing their own individual thing when we all want the same outcome.”

The Career Progression project will be looking at how industry is impacted by a trainee’s journey throughout their working life. Industry needs a workforce capability in every role from apprentice to trainers and coaches, team leaders, project managers, business owners and mentors.

There are risks at every career stage in the lifecycle and they each require a tailored response. If industry has the ability to access performance data at every point of a career journey, tailored responses could be designed to assist individual career journey.

“I am a strong advocate and actively contribute to helping to make the lives of others abundant and am fortunate to be Project Lead for Career Progression, as this resonates of my own journey and progression,” explains Tony.

“Having left school with no formal qualification, other than first fifteen, followed by years as a mischievous teen, personal family tragedy triggered the need to find purpose – It was found on a construction site with a start from scratch attitude that led to running my own business, marriage, father of three boys, mortgages, and life goals to achieve.”

Through industry consultation, Tony will lead a team of people that will co-design a comprehensive framework with the express aim of identifying and enabling career-long transitions. Appropriate performance measures for each action, career step and transition will be housed in a database with an interactive dashboard and web interface for easy access. The database will allow for targeted extraction using filters such as demographics, regions, industry subsectors, and job types.

“To be able to assist in developing meaningful change, and create successful pathways aligns strongly not to just my career aspirations but my values as an individual, explains Tony. “I look forward to engaging with the team and meeting you all soon.”

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